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who we are.

Our mission is to give Texans
a voice in their future. We want to make Texas an
independent nation again.

With a dedicated community of over 621,693 supporters, we focus on key issues such as safeguarding Texas’ unique heritage, advocating for fiscal responsibility, and promoting self-governance. We are committed to empowering Texans to actively shape their future through grassroots organizing, digital outreach, and legislative advocacy. Together, we strive to make Texas a sovereign and prosperous nation once more.

Support for TEXIT among likely Texas voters
Texas voters covered by one or more TNM Local Groups

“We are working to return the right of self-government back to the people of Texas. And we’re winning.”

Daniel Miller
our core values.


We advocate for the sovereign right of Texans to determine their own destiny, free from federal overreach. Your support helps us champion this cause in the legislative arena.

Cultural Preservation

We are committed to safeguarding the unique Texan heritage that binds us as a community. Donations enable us to educate and celebrate our distinct identity.

Economic Independence

We strive for a self-reliant Texas, utilizing our abundant resources and industrious spirit. Your contributions fuel initiatives that promote economic self-sufficiency.

Community Engagement

We believe in the power of grassroots activism. Your generosity supports community events, digital outreach, and volunteer programs that engage Texans in our mission.

our major giving society.

Line In The Sand Society

We have designed the Line in the Sand Society as an opportunity for our most loyal supporters. We want to build a group of 256 Line in the Sand Society Members before the end of 2023. This is one for each known Alamo defender and will represent the founders of the society. This financial support will enable the TNM to advance the cause of Independence in Texas.

how to help.

Give a Helping Hand for needy People

We are gravely concerned for children in Ukraine, Afghanistan and around the world who might be caught in the middle of armed conflict, forced to flee their homes and exposed to injury, hunger and sub-zero temperatures.

Save the Children is right now on the ground, in the U.S. and around the world, delivering essential humanitarian aid. Your donation today helps this life-saving work.

Partner with us

Help us send emergency aid to crisis zones worldwide.


We currently have opportunities across the United States.

Our partners are from all over the world.

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