We’re Declaring Our Independence From Censorship

Censorship happens. You know it. We know it. One of the biggest obstacles to growing and organizing our movement to get and win Texas independence has been those who stand between you, the TNM, and other TEXIT supporters.  That all changes today.

The gatekeepers put our emails in spam folders, refuse to show you our news and updates, and prevent you from connecting with others, like yourself, who also want to see Texas become a free and independent nation.

This July 4th, we are declaring our independence from the gatekeepers.

At Noon on July 4th, we are launching our own social network and mobile app exclusively for supporters of the Texas Nationalist Movement.

Fully integrated with TNM.ME, with our new social networking features, you will finally be able to connect with the TNM without interference. Whether on the web or on your smartphone, you’ll be able to get unfiltered news, updates, and action alerts directly from the TNM.

You’ll also have access to our full social network, where you can connect with your fellow Texians, engage with others in your town, and work with others who share your passion for Texas independence.

In addition, we’re bringing our entire suite of engagement tools to the mobile app, where you’ll be able to help us connect with others, engage your elected officials, and access a fully searchable database of questions and answers about TEXIT.

You must be a registered supporter of the TNM and logged in to access the social network and use the mobile app.

iPhone users can download the app using the button below:

Android users can download the app using the button below:

All of the new features on the website will be available on July 4th as well.

Between now and July 4th, you’ll want to login to the TNM website and update your address. If you have not registered a site account, head to tnm.me/vote and do it today.

Let’s take our power back from the censors and gatekeepers. Let’s go win our independence.

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