TNM Takes the TEXIT Cause to the Independent National Convention 2023

The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) has long been a driving force behind the TEXIT movement, advocating for the right of Texans to reclaim their self-governance and independence. As part of its ongoing efforts to raise awareness and garner support, the TNM is participating in influential events, conferences, and discussions across the country.

One such event is the upcoming Independent National Convention (INC 2023), where TNM President Daniel Miller will represent the organization on a TEXIT & State Sovereignty panel alongside former State Representative Kyle Biedermann.

Scheduled to take place in Austin on Monday, April 3rd at 3 PM, the panel discussion at INC 2023 is an excellent opportunity for the TNM to showcase the importance of the TEXIT movement and how it aligns with the broader goals of state sovereignty. By engaging in these types of events, the TNM is not only able to reach a wider audience but also establish valuable connections with like-minded leaders and organizations from across the United States.

INC 2023 is a unique gathering of independent leaders and influencers from various sectors of society, all of whom share a commitment to finding innovative solutions and driving critical developments that transcend party lines and ideological divisions. By participating in this event, the TNM demonstrates its dedication to fostering a spirit of collaboration and synergistic politics, which is essential in advancing the cause of TEXIT and state sovereignty.

The panel discussion will delve into the growing TEXIT movement, its significance in the current political climate, and the strategies needed to ensure a successful push for independence. By engaging in these conversations, the TNM is actively demonstrating its leadership in the movement and showcasing the importance of state sovereignty as a means to empower Texans and protect their rights and values.

Furthermore, participating in events like INC 2023 allows the TNM to establish a strong presence in the global conversation on self-determination and independence. This presence is crucial for the TEXIT movement as it helps counter misconceptions, generate media attention, and garner support from diverse individuals and organizations.

Independent voters make up a significant amount of TEXIT support, as shown in SurveyUSA poll in 2022. That poll showed a clear majority of independent voters favor Texas becoming an independent, self-governing nation.

While the TEXIT & State Sovereignty panel at INC 2023 is not open to the general public, registered attendees of the convention can attend and engage with the TNM and other influential leaders in the field. By registering for the convention, attendees can gain valuable insights into the TEXIT movement, its motivations, and the path forward for a more empowered Texas.

In conclusion, the TNM’s participation in events like the Independent National Convention 2023 plays a critical role in advancing the cause of TEXIT and promoting the importance of state sovereignty. By engaging in these conversations and collaborating with other leaders and organizations, the TNM can reach a wider audience, establish a strong presence in the national conversation, and continue its mission to empower Texans and protect their rights and values.

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