The Power of the People: The Role of Certified Petition Circulators in the TEXIT Campaign

In the quest for Texas independence, the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) has always recognized the power of grassroots action. It is the people of Texas, after all, who will ultimately decide the future of our state. This belief is at the heart of our TEXIT petition campaign, and it’s why we’re putting a spotlight on a crucial group of volunteers: our Certified Petition Circulators (CPCs).

The Role of CPCs

CPCs are the backbone of our petition campaign. They are the dedicated individuals who connect directly with Texas voters, gathering signatures for the TEXIT petition. But their role goes beyond just collecting signatures. They are ambassadors for the cause of independence, engaging in meaningful conversations with fellow Texans and empowering them to make their voices heard.

Our Progress So Far

In the first four weeks of our campaign, we’ve trained 118 CPC’s from our army of volunteers. These individuals have shown exceptional dedication and commitment, and we’re incredibly proud of their efforts. However, the journey towards Texas independence is a long one, and we need more hands on deck.

Our Goal: 1,000 Active CPCs

Our goal for this campaign is to have 1,000 active CPCs. This is an ambitious target, but we believe it’s achievable. More importantly, we believe it’s necessary. The more CPCs we have, the more Texans we can reach, and the stronger our petition campaign will be.

Join Us

If you’re passionate about Texas independence and want to play a direct role in making it a reality, we invite you to become a CPC. We’ll provide you with the training and resources you need, and you’ll join a community of dedicated volunteers committed to the cause of Texas independence.

The fight for Texas independence is a collective effort. It requires the dedication and commitment of Texans from all walks of life. You can play a crucial role in this fight by becoming a CPC. Join us today and help us reach our goal of 1,000 active CPCs.

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