TEXIT Scores Victory Against Censorship On TikTok

The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) TikTok account ban has been lifted, with the account reinstated. 

TNM TikTok account was banned on January 27th, given no explanation with no previous strikes or violations. As of February 2nd, the TikTok account has been reinstated. TNM still has no explanation for why the ban happened to begin with.

TikTok replied with the following statement:

“TikTok will now know – do not mess with Texas. Censorship is illegal in our state, and we will hold you accountable!” states TNM President Daniel Miller. 

TNM will continue to fight against censorship brought upon the people by Big Tech companies.TNM is currently suing Facebook’s parent company Meta for a similar ban, where TNM content was blocked from sharing on the platform without clear reason.

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