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TEXIT Movement Banned From TikTok

The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) has been banned from TikTok without receiving any reason. 

TNM was notified of the ban on January 27th but was given no explanation for the reason behind it, including strikes or warnings for inappropriate content. Prior to the ban, pro-TEXIT videos on the TNM TikTok account had garnered nearly 4 million views in less than a month.  

While the TNM acknowledges the issues with TikTok as a platform, TikTok was a necessary tool to engage a much-needed demographic segment of Texans.

Social media censorship is illegal in the state of Texas. TNM is currently suing Facebook’s parent company Meta for a similar ban, where TNM content was blocked from sharing on the platform without clear reason.  

TNM’s president Daniel Miller has said that the organization will now explore litigation against TikTok for its ban.  

“TikTok’s unwarranted attack on TEXIT is another blatant display of free speech being censored on public forums and confirms every criticism heaped on the platform over the last two years,” said TNM president Daniel Miller. “Censorship of a legal, peaceful movement is unacceptable, and we are not backing down until TikTok is held accountable. This only further solidifies why the right to self-determination that TEXIT upholds is so necessary for freedom.”   

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has recently filed an amicus brief in TNM’s lawsuit against Meta. The brief reasserts that censorship and discrimination on social media is illegal in the state of Texas.

If you’d like to see examples of the content that pushed TikTok to engage in viewpoint discrimination, you can view the same videos at this link:

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