Texas State Representative John Lujan Signs TEXIT Petition

State Representative John Lujan has officially signed the TEXIT petition, adding his voice to the growing list of legislators advocating for a statewide vote on Texas independence. The Texas Nationalist Movement acknowledges this significant step and continues to encourage more legislative leaders to participate in the initiative.

The Implications of Representative Lujan’s Signature

Representative Lujan’s action signifies a commitment to the principles of self-determination and governance by the people. Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, expressed appreciation for Representative Lujan’s involvement. “His decision to sign the TEXIT petition highlights the need for a referendum, especially in light of the federal administration’s handling of border security,” Miller stated.

The TEXIT Petition: A Path Forward

The TEXIT petition is open to all registered Texas voters, regardless of political affiliation. The objective is to collect enough signatures to place the question of Texas independence on the ballot as soon as next year. This process ensures that Texans have a direct say in the future direction of the state.

Growing Support for Texas Independence

Representative Lujan’s signature contributes to the ongoing conversation about Texas independence. It indicates a growing awareness among public officials and legislative leaders that the future of Texas may lie in becoming a sovereign nation.

Adding Representative John Lujan’s signature to the TEXIT petition is a noteworthy development in the ongoing efforts toward Texas independence. It adds to the growing consensus among legislative leaders that a TEXIT referendum is a subject that warrants serious consideration. As the Texas Nationalist Movement continues to advocate for the sovereignty and prosperity of Texas, we invite you to actively participate in this important endeavor. If you’re a registered voter in Texas, you can sign the TEXIT petition here. To further amplify the impact, consider sharing the petition link with your network. Additionally, you can volunteer to help us collect signatures by becoming a Certified Petition Circulator, which you can learn more about and sign up for here.

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