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Stand with TEXIT: Join One of TNM’s Texas Local Groups

It’s an incredibly exciting time for the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM), and we couldn’t be prouder to announce a milestone achievement – we now have 61 active Local Groups across the Lone Star State! This expansive network of dedicated individuals embodies the vision of TEXIT, advocating for a self-governed Texas that upholds the values of independence and self-determination.

Local Groups are at the heart of the TNM, serving as critical hubs for our members. Each group represents a vibrant community of Texans passionate about our state’s future and eager to play an active role in the journey towards self-governance. These are the people on the ground – in cities and towns across the state – working tirelessly to advocate, educate, and drive the movement forward.

Whether you’re based in Austin, Lubbock, Waco, Houston, or any of the other 57 locations, there’s a Local Group ready to welcome you with open arms. These groups are spearheaded by a network of committed leaders, working in unison to foster engagement, organize local events, and encourage open dialogue about the TEXIT mission.

From Amarillo to Mission, El Paso to Woodville, and all points in between, our Local Groups spread across every corner of Texas, ensuring that every voice is heard and every hand has the opportunity to contribute. This extensive network demonstrates the strength and reach of the TEXIT vision, showing how many Texans are ready to stand up for independence and self-governance.

By joining a Local Group, you’re not just becoming part of a network; you’re joining a family of like-minded individuals committed to working together towards a common goal. As a member, you’ll have the chance to engage in meaningful discussions, participate in local events, and play an active role in shaping the future of Texas.

The expansion of TNM to 61 Local Groups is a significant achievement, reflecting the growing momentum of our movement. It’s a testament to the dedication of countless volunteers and members who have worked tirelessly to bring the TEXIT vision to their local communities. And it’s a clear sign that the desire for a self-governed Texas is more widespread and passionate than ever.

Ready to become part of this remarkable initiative? Find your nearest Local Group at and join us on this journey towards independence. Let’s make a difference together for the future of Texas.

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