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Rep. Jeff Leach SUED Over Defamatory Comments About TEXIT Supporters

State Representative Jeff Leach (R-Plano) is facing a lawsuit due to defamatory comments he made on social media about TEXIT supporters.

In a series of tweets after the filing of the Texas Independence Referendum Act, Rep. Leach accused a TEXIT supporter of treason and sedition. Both are defined crimes under the US Constitution and federal law, and neither applies to advocating for TEXIT.

As the TEXIT movement gains momentum, protecting the rights of individuals advocating for Texas independence is vital. The accusations made by Rep. Leach against the TEXIT supporter not only display his misunderstanding of the law but also constitute an attack on freedom of speech. The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) is proud to provide legal support to the plaintiff in this battle for justice, reinforcing the principles of self-government, free speech, and the pursuit of self-determination for Texans.

Paul M. Davis, a Texas-based attorney with experience representing the TNM, took on this case to hold lawmakers accountable for their actions. Davis stated, “Rep. Leach attempts to shut down public debate by falsely accusing the TEXIT supporter of being guilty of sedition and treason. Texans should expect better from their elected representatives than to be accused of crimes merely for voicing their opinions. That is why I agreed to take this case. We must hold our lawmakers accountable every time they cross the line, or it will be our own fault that we are governed by tyrants.”

According to Texas law, defamation per se is a statement that is so damaging to a person’s reputation that damages are presumed without the need for proof. Accusing someone of criminality, particularly of crimes as serious as treason and sedition, falls under this category. By making these accusations, Rep. Leach is not only attempting to silence TEXIT supporters but also disregarding the legal principles of defamation per se.

The TNM is committed to ensuring that Texans who advocate for their rights under Article 1 Section 2 of the Texas Constitution are not subjected to baseless accusations of criminal wrongdoing, which can carry penalties up to and including death. It is time to put an end to these unfounded claims and focus on the real issues at hand.

By providing legal support to the plaintiff, the TNM aims to send a clear message: accusations of criminality will no longer be tolerated as a means to stifle debate about the future of Texas. The pursuit of self-determination is a fundamental right, and those who engage in discussions surrounding TEXIT should not be threatened with criminal accusations. Instead, Texans should be encouraged to engage in open, honest debates about the future of our state and the pursuit of independence.

This lawsuit serves as a reminder that the rights of TEXIT supporters must be protected and that the principles of self-government, free speech, and self-determination should be upheld. The Texas Nationalist Movement will continue to champion these values and work towards a future where Texans can freely express their opinions on TEXIT without fear of baseless accusations.

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