Introducing “Texas News” A TNM Podcast

The Texas Nationalist Movement is thrilled to announce the launch of our new podcast: “Texas News.” 

This weekly podcast will be dedicated to providing you with detailed updates on the latest in Texas news at the state house and on the ground. 

At Texas Nationalist Movement, it is our mission to secure and protect the political, cultural, and economic independence of the nation of Texas and to restore and protect our constitutional Republic and the inherent rights of the people of Texas. To accomplish this task, it is important that we, as citizens, stay informed about the decisions, policies, and developments that shape our great nation. With “Texas News”, we aim to make legislative information engaging and accessible for all. 

Each episode will be hosted by TNM’s very own president, Daniel Miller. Miller will provide a comprehensive overview and analysis of the pressing matters regarding TEXIT, liberty, and independence that face Texans today. 

Subscribe to “Texas News” on Spotify or Apple Podcasts and be the first to access each episode.

We encourage you to listen and share your thoughts, questions, and feedback by leaving a comment. More engagement will allow our podcast to climb on the charts, reaching a wider audience and making a greater impression. 

Together, we will make “Texas News” a platform for thought and discussion and, ultimately, grow the movement for Texas independence.

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