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Facebook Wants To DESTROY Texit, Not Just Censor Us

Facebook openly does the bidding of federal agencies and outright censors content that doesn’t fit the globalist agenda.  Is it any surprise that the tech giant wants to destroy the Texit movement?

The modern drive for Texas independence existed before Facebook, and the independent nation of Texas will likely outlast it.  Why is it then that Facebook is bent on our destruction?  

Facebook is somewhat notorious for manipulating its content and picking “winners” and “losers” on nearly every controversial issue.  If you stand on the side they don’t like, your content gets shut down.  Inconsistencies and hypocrisy abound.  

In 2018, they disconnected us from over 200,000 supporters.  We overcame their attempted foil, with now more than 434,000 current supporters.  

In October 2022, they began blocking our links. Facebook started banning any posts by TNM or TNM followers containing TNM’s website link TEXITNOW.ORG or TNM.ME/TEXIT as a “violation of community standards.” This action prevents supporters from sharing TEXIT content on their Facebook pages. Facebook never specified how the standards were violated.

In response to this attack, we sued.  The Texas Nationalist Movement and its President, Daniel Miller, filed a class action lawsuit against Facebook’s parent company Meta Platforms for censorship under the new Texas anti-censorship law.  In December, they lifted the ban but declined our offer to settle the suit.  The only thing we asked for was a public apology and legal fees.

In a recent motion, they tipped their hand: they want to criminalize our cause. 

In their recent filing, Facebook said, “Plaintiffs wish to compel an out-of-state service provider to disseminate content promoting secession from the union.”  They are correct up to this point, but they continue. “In an ordinary case, the court could simply reject this law-defying request by dismissing the Plaintiff’s petition.” To Facebook (and their California lawyers), our goals are “law-defying,” which means “illegal.”  

If our content were “law-defying,” would we still be openly producing it after 18 years?  If our position were law-defying, would we have statewide officeholders pledged to secure Texas independence?  If Texit were illegal, would we have filed a bill in the legislature to make it happen?  Would the Republican Party of Texas include it in the platform?  

We consistently advocate in plain sight that Texas can exit the union through a peaceful, nonviolent, and democratic process.  There is absolutely nothing “law-defying” about that.  

If Texit is illegal, so is voting.  If Texit is illegal, so is the very concept of a constitutional republic.  

The Facebook billionaire globalists of the world may be against self determination, but they don’t know who they’re messing with.  Texans don’t back down.  Texans don’t give up.  We will get a vote on independence and we will win the vote.  As far as it depends on us, we will negotiate a peaceful withdrawal. 

The resolve of the Alamo defenders is our resolve and the spirit of the San Jacinto victors is our spirit.  We will fulfill Sam Houston’s words, “Texas will again lift its head and stand among the nations!”

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