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Facebook Officially Declares War On TEXIT

For nearly a month, Facebook has prevented TEXIT supporters from posting links to specific content on our website. While doing so, they’ve also declared the TNM “dangerous” or “harmful”. Enough is enough.

Starting in October, Facebook began rejecting posts from all users that included a link to the TEXIT section of the TNM’s website and any pages in that section. This includes answers to the most asked questions about TEXIT and rebuttals to common opposition arguments. In short, Facebook has chosen a side in the TEXIT debate, and suppression is their weapon of choice.

They claim that these links violate their “Community Standards” against posting in support of dangerous or harmful individuals or organizations. This rhetoric is slander of the highest order and cannot go unchallenged.

While some may question the TNM’s continued engagement on the social media platform, the fact is that it is still the most used platform by Texans, and this suppression of TEXIT information cuts us off from millions of TEXIT supporters. Also, we’ve never been an organization to back down from a fight or silently acquiesce to slanderous attacks.

The TNM is fighting back. In the coming days, we will be taking concrete steps to strike back at Facebook, not only for the TNM but for everyone else affected by their slander. In the meantime, we’re asking for your help to document Facebook’s attacks. We’ve launched a dedicated page on our site with full instructions on how you can do this.

Time is of the essence. Facebook has been combing groups on its platform and removing posts from up to 2 years ago that contain links to our TEXIT content. While we can’t be sure, this seems to be a run-up to officially deplatforming the TNM.

The issue of social media suppression is one of the reasons that we recently launched our own mobile app and social networking platform over the Summer.

Please head over to, follow the instructions, and help us prepare for the counter-attack. When you’re done, be sure to download the TNM mobile app.

Watch a brief video explaining the Facebook suppression below.

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