Angelina County GOP Joins Growing Momentum for TEXIT with Unanimous Resolution

Angelina County has become the second county in Texas to pass a resolution calling for a statewide vote on Texas independence, adding significant momentum to the Texas Nationalist Movement’s “Chair the Vote” campaign. The goal? To bring the question of Texas independence to the March 2024 Primary Ballot.

The Essence of the Resolution and the “Chair the Vote” Campaign

The resolution passed in Angelina County is not just aligned with but is a key component of the “Chair the Vote” campaign. Spearheaded by Mike Jackson, the Local Coordinator of TNM-Lufkin, this resolution is a direct call to action. Susan Williamson, the Campaign Coordinator for “Chair the Vote,” emphasized its importance, stating, “The campaign is critical for our plan to get our resolution on the Republican Primary ballot next spring.”

Planks 33 and 225: The Republican Party’s Official Position

The resolution aligns with Planks 33 and 225 of the Republican Party of Texas, which received overwhelming support from delegates. Plank 33 focuses on state sovereignty and the right of Texas to assert its independence, while Plank 225 calls for a referendum in the 2023 general election for Texans to decide on reasserting the state’s status as an independent nation. These planks make a vote on TEXIT the official position of the Republican Party of Texas.

Even with TEXIT occupying two extremely popular planks on the party’s platform, the Texas Legislature failed to act on them in the most recent legislative session. Resolutions like the one passed in Angelina County indicate there could be serious political consequences for ignoring the overwhelming desire of Texans to vote for independence.

A Groundswell of Support

Following the lead of Coryell County, where the effort was led by Will Kacy, Angelina County’s unanimous vote demonstrates a growing grassroots movement. Mack Dunkin, who presented the arguments in favor of the resolution, noted that even former skeptics spoke and voted in favor. “The passage of this resolution should continue the process of obtaining a vote for Texas independence,” Dunkin said.

Why This Matters for TEXIT

With the resolution currently in process in 12 other counties and more in the works, the Angelina County GOP’s decision is a pivotal moment for the TEXIT movement. It sets the stage for the resolution’s next stop: the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC). “The SREC needs to hear that there is momentum from their district constituents toward making TEXIT a reality,” Williamson emphasized.

The Role of Local Leadership

The efforts of local leaders like Mike Jackson and Will Kacy are invaluable. Their advocacy serves as a catalyst for broader political action and exemplifies the power of grassroots initiatives. “Other counties will be encouraged and spurred on to join in the fight, knowing that they are not alone,” Dunkin added.

What’s Next for Supporters

For those engaged in the TEXIT movement, this resolution serves as a rallying point. Whether you’re already part of the “Chair the Vote” campaign or looking to join, now is the time to act. The campaign team is ready to assist in advocating for similar resolutions in other counties. This is also an opportune moment to connect with fellow supporters in your community and to use various platforms, such as social media and community meetings, to amplify this milestone.

The passage of the Angelina County GOP’s resolution marks a significant step forward, but it’s just the beginning. The momentum is palpable, and the opportunity is ripe. Let’s seize this moment to bring the question of Texas independence to the March 2024 Primary Ballot. The future of Texas is in our hands, and it’s time to act.

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