TEXIT NOW: Banner Buzzes Capitol During Governor’s Inauguration Calling For TEXIT Vote

The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) made a bold statement today with our banner flyover at the Texas Capitol during the inauguration of Governor Greg Abbott. The banner read “WE WANT A VOTE ON TEXIT” and was flown over the Capitol building as the Governor and Lieutenant Governor were sworn in.

This banner flyover was a powerful and visible reminder that Texans want a vote on TEXIT and that we will not be silenced or ignored. It sent an important message to the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and the assembled Representatives and Senators that Texans want a vote on TEXIT and they should immediately pass the Texas Independence Referendum Act.

The Texas Independence Referendum Act would give all Texans the opportunity to vote on whether or not Texas should reassert its independence and establish an independent republic. The Act, which is currently in the Legislative Council before filing, is a significant step towards giving Texans the opportunity to vote on their political future and reclaiming our right to self-government and self-determination.

The banner flyover was also a reminder that the movement for TEXIT is growing and gaining momentum. The TNM has been working tirelessly to educate Texans on the benefits of TEXIT and the importance of our right to self-government. The banner flyover was a powerful visual representation of that work and the growing support for TEXIT.

The TNM believes that Texas is a sovereign nation and that the best way to protect our rights and secure our future is through independence. The United States government is increasingly hostile to the values and interests of Texans, and we believe that independence is the only way to ensure that Texas remains a free and prosperous nation.

The banner flyover is just one of the many ways the TNM is working to raise awareness about TEXIT and the Texas Independence Referendum Act. We encourage all Texans to support the Act and join the movement for TEXIT. Together, we can secure a bright future for Texas and ensure that our rights and values are protected for generations to come.

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