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Texas Conservative PAC Shuts Down, Puts Full Support Behind TEXIT Movement

The TNM just gained a major ally in the fight for TEXIT. The founders of the Texans For True Conservatives Political Action Committee (PAC) have announced that they are winding down their committee to shift their focus to promoting TEXIT. 

This significant development highlights the growing momentum behind the TEXIT movement and reinforces the belief that the only way to enact real political change in Texas is through achieving independence.

For years, the Texans For True Conservatives PAC fought to uphold and preserve traditional Texas values. They sought to identify and support genuine conservative candidates who championed limited government, low taxes, religious freedom, and other core principles held dear by Texans. This was accomplished through their “Texans For True Conservatives Pledge.” 

Despite their best efforts, the founders of the PAC realized that the political landscape, both in Washington, D.C., and Austin, is plagued by corruption and entrenched interests, making it virtually impossible for grassroots conservatives to make a meaningful impact.

In a statement from David Roberts, the founder of the PAC, he expressed his disappointment in the lack of commitment from some politicians who signed the conservative pledge but failed to adhere to its principles. He acknowledged that the fight for genuine conservative values must continue, but the battlefield must change.

With this realization, the founders of Texans For True Conservatives PAC have decided to focus their efforts on promoting TEXIT, the referendum for Texas independence, as the ultimate path to achieving the political change they seek. They recognize that only through becoming a self-governing independent nation can Texas truly secure its borders, enact sensible immigration policies, and protect its unique culture and values.

Roberts emphasized this shift in his statement, “Our focus instead will be to press for the TEXIT referendum, and the pursuit and ultimate goal of the citizens of Texas altering their government as they see fit under the God-given right of Self-Determination!”

Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, is elated by this development. In a statement, he said, “We are thrilled to have the founders of the Texans For True Conservatives PAC shift their focus to our cause. Their dedication and passion for preserving Texas values make them invaluable allies in our fight for independence. This is yet another clear sign that TEXIT has the momentum to win, and together, we can make Texas the self-governing nation it deserves to be.”

Among the notable politicians who signed the Texans For True Conservatives pledge are Senator Ted Cruz, State Representatives Briscoe Cain and Steve Toth, and State Senator Brandon Creighton. While the PAC may be shutting down, its legacy of fighting for true conservatism will undoubtedly live on through its founders’ continued efforts as they join forces with the TNM and the TEXIT movement.

This latest development serves as a powerful reminder that the TEXIT movement is gaining traction among influential individuals and organizations that share its vision for a self-governing, independent Texas. As more and more people recognize the immense potential and promise of TEXIT, the movement’s chances of achieving its goal of independence become even stronger.

The Texas Nationalist Movement is committed to working alongside the founders of the Texans For True Conservatives PAC and other like-minded organizations and individuals to ensure that the dream of TEXIT becomes a reality. The path to independence may be long and challenging, but together, we can make a lasting difference for the great state of Texas.

If you, too, believe in the power of TEXIT and the potential for an independent Texas, now is the time to join the movement. With your support, we can continue to build momentum and make our voices heard. Texas deserves the opportunity to thrive as a self-governing nation, and with your help, we can make it happen.

Join the Texas Nationalist Movement and the founders of the Texans For True Conservatives PAC in their quest for Texas independence. Visit our website to learn more about TEXIT and how you can get involved. Together, we can make Texas the independent nation it was always meant to be.

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