Statement on the Acquittal of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Its Implications for TEXIT

The Texas Senate has acquitted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on all counts in this historic impeachment trial. The process in the Texas House that led to the impeachment trial and the subsequent testimony serve as a glaring indictment of the systemic failures rampant in our state government. 

This trial has ripped the veil off the Texas House, exposing a level of dysfunction and antagonism toward the Texas people that we at the Texas Nationalist Movement have been sounding the alarm on for years, especially in our relentless push for TEXIT.

The responsibility to correct these egregious errors lies unequivocally with the voters of Texas. It’s not just a right but an imperative duty to oust those in the Texas House who blatantly disregard the rule of law and Article 1, Section 2 of the Texas Constitution. Texans must wield their voting power like a sword, cutting away the rot that infects our state government.

Furthermore, the trial has laid bare an unsettling truth: there are operatives within our state government who are more loyal to federal bureaucrats and agencies than to the people and the Constitution of Texas. This is not just unacceptable; it’s a betrayal of every Texan and must be eradicated without delay.

The path to reclaiming Texas starts now. By rallying behind the TEXIT petition and ensuring its completion by the December 1st deadline, we set the stage for a seismic shift in Texas politics. This is not just about independence; it’s about electing officials who will fight tooth and nail for TEXIT and the values that define us as Texans. This is our call to arms, the first salvo in a campaign to take back our government and realign it with the true spirit and aspirations of the people of Texas.

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