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Staffer of Lyin’ Lynn Stucky Calls TEXIT Supporters “Radical Extremists”

In the realm of Texas politics, one name is currently garnering attention for all the wrong reasons: Lynn Stucky, the incumbent Representative for Texas House District 64. As Stucky stands for re-election, it’s critical to examine his track record both in and outside his political office.

In the previous election cycle, Stucky narrowly escaped defeat by a mere 94 votes against challenger Andy Hopper. The battle saw Stucky deploy a troubling tactic in the final days – a disinformation campaign that aimed not just at Hopper, but also at the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM), attempting to malign their commitment to Texas and its people.

Stucky distributed a last-minute mailer falsely accusing Hopper and the TNM of planning to “ban the U.S. Dollar in Texas.” Such a claim is not just inaccurate, but purposefully misleading. The TNM has always been transparent about its stance on economic sovereignty. However, it has never advocated for the banishment of the U.S. Dollar. This blatant distortion of truth signals a troubling pattern in Stucky’s political behavior.

Sadly, the undercurrent of deceit runs deep in Stucky’s office. Recently, Hopper’s campaign was connecting with voters in the district via text message. One of those voters was Stucky’s District Director, Tonya Morris. The subsequent text message exchange exposed Stucky and Morris’s disdain for TEXIT supporters when she accused Hopper and the TNM of being a “radical extremist movement.” Such inflammatory language fuels division, stifles legitimate political discourse, and overlooks the inalienable right of self-governance that the TNM upholds and that is enshrined in the Texas Constitution.

Stucky’s deliberate ignorance of this right of self-governance not only contradicts the fundamental principles our state stands for, but it also defies the platform of his own party. The Texas GOP includes two planks, 33 and 225, specifically calling for the Legislature to let Texans vote on TEXIT. Stucky, in his reluctance to support this, is effectively turning his back on his party and the people of Texas as a whole. Furthermore, a 2022 SurveyUSA poll indicated that 66% of likely Texas voters, including 76% of Texas Republicans, want a vote on TEXIT. Stucky’s stance is far from representative of the people he was elected to serve.

It’s time for a clear call to action: Texans deserve better. If you, like many Texans, are troubled by Stucky’s methods and his disregard for the fundamental rights of Texans, make your voice heard. Call Stucky’s district office at (940) 243-0230 and let them know that Texans will not tolerate being labeled extremists simply for believing in their right to self-determination.

In addition to his political shortcomings, Stucky’s professional conduct as a veterinarian has raised many eyebrows. Under his management, a Sanger animal shelter faced a horrifying controversy – more than 900 animals were euthanized from 2006 to 2010, while a mere two were adopted. This grim statistic echoes Stucky’s disdainful treatment of his constituents, exhibiting a startling lack of empathy, respect, and responsible care.

In the previous election cycle, Hopper was among over 100 candidates who signed the Texas First pledge from the TNM’s Political Action Committee. This number is set to dramatically increase in this cycle, reflecting the people’s growing frustration with representatives who are unresponsive to their needs and concerns. Texans want their voices heard and respected, and they are actively seeking representatives who will genuinely put Texas first.

If a movie is ever made about Lynn Stucky, three things are certain: it will be about as exciting as watching paint dry, Stucky will undoubtedly be the villain, and, tragically, the dog will die at the end. But this isn’t a movie. This is the real-life state of Texas politics, and it’s time we rewrite the script. Texans deserve representatives who will treat them with the respect, honesty, and commitment they deserve. We owe it to ourselves and to Texas.

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