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Marjorie Taylor Greene Advocates for States To Consider Leaving The Union

In an unprecedented move, Marjorie Taylor Greene, a sitting Republican Congresswoman from Georgia, has openly called for states to consider secession from the United States. Framed within the context of the ongoing federal border crisis, her remarks have sent ripples across the political landscape. For the Texas Nationalist Movement, this development is not just noteworthy; it’s a call to action and an opportunity to engage in a meaningful dialogue about Texas’ future.

The Significance of Greene’s Remarks

The impact of a sitting Congresswoman discussing state independence is monumental. It marks a turning point in the broader conversation about federal governance and its limitations. Greene’s focus on the federal border crisis as the catalyst for her comments adds urgency to the TNM’s long-standing call for independence. This direct nod to states like Texas, which bear the brunt of federal border policies, resonates with our previous discussions on why Texit is the only path to border security for Texas.

Texas at the Forefront

Texas has been at the epicenter of the federal border crisis for years, dealing with a range of issues from human trafficking to drug smuggling. The state’s proximity to the U.S.-Mexico border makes it a frontline in this crisis. Greene’s comments resonate deeply with the ongoing struggles that Texans face daily and echo the sentiments expressed by Congressman Chip Roy, who has signaled support for Texit amid the border crisis.

Boosting TNM and TEXIT Support

Greene’s endorsement of state independence could serve as a significant boost for the TNM and TEXIT support. Her remarks lend mainstream political credibility to the idea of state independence, potentially removing doubt in the minds of some Texans that TEXIT is the best and most viable path to fixing the problems created in Texas by the federal government. This newfound support could accelerate the TNM’s growth, attracting more members and increasing engagement in our initiatives. Importantly, Greene joins a growing list of public and prominent figures who have openly supported TEXIT.

A Call to Action for the TNM

The public endorsement of state independence by a sitting Congresswoman provides the TNM with an opportune moment to amplify its message. This is not just a validation of the organization’s efforts but adds a layer of mainstream political acknowledgment that can’t be ignored. Our stance is further supported by legal and historical precedents, as discussed in articles about a modern-day ‘Come and Take It’ moment for Texit and the power states have to initiate a national divorce.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s remarks have added a new dimension to the debate on state independence. For the Texas Nationalist Movement, this is more than just a talking point; it’s a significant political development that could serve as a catalyst for real change. As the dialogue around state independence gains momentum, the TNM is more committed than ever to advocating for Texas’ independence, leveraging this newfound political support to bring its goals to fruition. Those interested in supporting these efforts can further their involvement by signing the TNM petition, engaging in community discussions, and staying informed through our ongoing public awareness campaigns.

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