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Judicial Watch Study Discovers 33 Texas Counties with Voter Registration Rates Exceeding 100%

A new study released by Judicial Watch this week has uncovered potential widespread election fraud in Texas. According to the report, 33 counties across Texas have voter registration rates that exceed 100%, meaning there are more registered voters than eligible citizens.

This is a clear sign of election fraud, and it must be addressed immediately. The integrity of our election process is at stake, and we cannot allow this kind of fraud to go unchecked.

It’s time for Texas to take action to protect the integrity of its elections, and that starts with ensuring that only eligible citizens are registered to vote. This is exactly why the Texas Nationalist Movement has launched its Election Integrity Task Force. We are committed to ensuring that election fraud is exposed and stopped in our state.

If you’re concerned about election fraud in Texas, join the TNM today and become a volunteer to help us implement our statewide plan to guarantee secure elections. Together, we can make sure that every vote is counted and that election fraud becomes a thing of the past in Texas.

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