FiveThirtyEight Ranks SurveyUSA A+ Validating TEXIT Poll Results

In July 2022, SurveyUSA released a poll revealing that 66% of likely Texas voters and 60% of all Texans supported a vote on TEXIT. The poll, met with skepticism from those opposed to TEXIT, has now gained significant credibility as FiveThirtyEight recently ranked SurveyUSA as one of the top-rated pollsters in the country, awarding them the coveted A+ rating.

FiveThirtyEight’s analysis examined 856 polls conducted by SurveyUSA and found them to be the most accurate pollster in the country, with the least partisan bias.

The SurveyUSA TEXIT poll results for all Texans, regardless of their voting habits, are as follows:

  • Definitely Yes: 32%
  • Yes: 28%
  • No: 26%
  • Definitely No: 14%

These results suggest that a majority of Texans, and a supermajority of Texas likely Texas voters, are in favor of Texas peacefully becoming an independent nation. With the high accuracy of SurveyUSA’s polling methods now backed by FiveThirtyEight’s A+ rating, the implications of these results are significant for the TEXIT movement and Texas politics as a whole.

The A+ rating from FiveThirtyEight not only verifies the credibility of SurveyUSA’s polling methods but also lends weight to the TEXIT poll results. This recognition from a highly respected source like FiveThirtyEight helps silence critics and skeptics who questioned the poll’s findings. Consequently, the TEXIT movement now has more substantial data to support their cause and rally their supporters.

Interestingly, the average voter turnout for independence referendums worldwide is 85%. If Texas were to experience a similarly high turnout in a potential TEXIT referendum, the implications for Texas politics would be far-reaching, with a significant portion of the population engaging in the decision-making process on TEXIT and carrying their political muscle throughout the entire process.

For comparison, before calling for an independence referendum in Scotland in 2014, the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey saw support for independence at around 33%. while the Brexit referendum in 2016 had the Leave campaign polling never breaking 50%. In both cases, both campaigns were able to get a vote on independence with support polling far lower than TEXIT and, in both cases, they outperformed pre-referendum polling.

The results of the TEXIT poll conducted by SurveyUSA indicate that Texans are increasingly open to the idea of their state becoming an independent nation. This growing support highlights the changing political landscape in Texas and the United States as a whole. The increasing popularity of the TEXIT movement may be indicative of broader dissatisfaction with the federal government and a desire for greater autonomy.

It is important to note that the poll also revealed varying levels of support for TEXIT among different demographics. Younger voters aged 18-49 showed a higher percentage of support for TEXIT (36% Definitely Yes and 31% Yes) than those aged 50 and older (25% Definitely Yes and 35% Yes). Additionally, the poll found that Republicans were more likely to support TEXIT than Democrats or Independents.

In conclusion, the A+ rating awarded to SurveyUSA by FiveThirtyEight reinforces the credibility of the TEXIT poll results and highlights the growing support for Texas independence. As the TEXIT movement continues to gain momentum, the verified accuracy of SurveyUSA’s polling methods provides a strong foundation for further discussion and action on the issue of Texas independence. With the potential for high voter turnout and the lessons learned from other independence referendums, Texas politics could experience a significant shift in the coming years.

While this news is definitely encouraging, the online poll that matters is the one where all Texans have an opportunity to go to the ballot box and vote on whether or not Texas should reassert its status as an independent nation.

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