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Federal Ruling on Rio Grande Barrier: A Modern-Day ‘Come And Take It’ Moment for TEXIT

The recent federal court ruling ordering the removal of the floating barrier buoys in the Rio Grande River is not just an affront to Texas’ sovereignty; it’s an outrageous act that demands immediate action. This ruling is a modern-day ‘Come And Take It’ moment, echoing the Battle of Gonzales, where Texians defied Mexican tyranny. It’s a clarion call for all supporters of the Texas Nationalist Movement and TEXIT: The time for a vote on Texas independence is now.

The Federal Court Ruling: An Unconscionable Overreach

Based on an international water treaty rarely followed by Mexico and alleged and unconstitutionally asserted federal jurisdiction, the court’s decision is an unconscionable overreach into Texas’ right to secure its borders. This isn’t a mere legal hiccup; it’s a blatant violation of our state’s autonomy. The ruling sets a dangerous precedent, essentially stating that federal and international laws can nullify Texas’ self-governance. This is not just an isolated incident; it’s part of a broader, systemic intrusion into Texas affairs that makes the case for an immediate vote on TEXIT compelling and urgent.

“Come And Take It”: Our Rallying Cry for Independence

The Battle of Gonzales is a historical parallel and a rallying cry for our current situation. Just as the Texians stood defiantly against Mexican forces in 1835, we must stand united against this federal overreach. This ruling is our “Come And Take It” moment, a direct challenge to our autonomy, and a stark reminder of why a vote on TEXIT is crucial for the future of Texas.

Federal Collusion with Mexico: A Betrayal of Texas

The federal government’s failure to secure the border is a calculated betrayal that serves a broader, nefarious agenda. Their inaction and collusion with Mexico have allowed cartels to destabilize the border region, putting Texan lives at risk. This collusion is not just a betrayal; it’s a compelling reason for Texas to demand a vote on independence through TEXIT immediately.

Congressional Voices: Chip Roy’s Clarion Call

Congressman Chip Roy’s recent comments, “At some point, Texas is gonna say, screw it enough. We’re gonna do whatever the hell we want to do,” resonates deeply with the sentiments of many Texans and members of the TNM. The federal court ruling will only amplify Roy’s comments and the TNM’s advocacy for TEXIT.

Assessing Governor Abbott’s Policies: Why They’re Not Enough

While commendable, Governor Greg Abbott’s efforts are limited by federal constraints. His initiatives are short-term solutions that don’t address the root causes of the border crisis. The most sustainable solution lies in TEXIT, which would give Texas the autonomy it needs to implement robust, long-term strategies for border security.

This federal ruling is an outrageous affront to Texas’ fundamental right to protect its border and citizens and provides all the rationale we need to vote on TEXIT now. The time for action is now. We must not let this blatant challenge to our autonomy pass without a fight. Your Immediate Call to Action: Stay engaged, share this article, and most importantly, sign the TEXIT petition to demand a vote on Texas independence. The time for a vote on TEXIT is now. Let’s make it happen.

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