Federal Lawsuit Shows TEXIT is the Only Path to Border Security for Texas

For those of us in the Texas Nationalist Movement, the issue of border security isn’t just a talking point—it’s a matter of immediate concern for the safety, sovereignty, and future of Texas. The federal government’s recent lawsuit against our state over a floating barrier on the Rio Grande is a glaring example of why TEXIT is not just an option but a necessity for real border security and sensible immigration policy.

Federal Lawsuit: A Direct Assault on Texas Sovereignty

The federal government’s lawsuit against Texas is nothing short of an assault on our state’s sovereignty. By challenging our right to secure our own borders, the federal government is not only overstepping its bounds but also ignoring the pressing issues that necessitate such measures in the first place. While the federal government is busy tying up our state’s resources in legal battles, human traffickers and drug smugglers continue to exploit our borders. This is not just a Texas problem; it’s a crisis that affects everyone. Yet, the federal government chooses to focus on a floating barrier rather than addressing these life-or-death issues.

Federal Failures: How Washington’s Policies Let Texans Down

Federal claims about reduced illegal border crossings are not just misleading; they’re an insult to every Texan living with the consequences of an insecure border. From property invasions to violent crimes, Texans are feeling the impact of these so-called “secure” borders every day. The federal government’s failed policies have led to a humanitarian disaster at our doorstep.

The TEXIT Solution: Reclaiming Our Borders, Our Resources, and Our Destiny

With TEXIT, Texas would have the unfettered authority to secure its borders and implement immigration policies that serve the interests of Texans. No more federal interference, no more conflicting directives—just effective, accountable governance. Independence means Texas could fully leverage its economic resources, from oil and gas to technology and agriculture. These revenues could be channeled directly into bolstering our border security measures, among other state priorities.

For those of us who believe in the sovereignty and future of Texas, the federal lawsuit serves as a clarion call. It’s time to stop relying on a federal government that neither understands nor respects our needs. TEXIT is the only path to true border security and a sensible immigration policy. If you haven’t already, sign the TEXIT petition today to put the question of Texas independence on the ballot in the upcoming March primaries. Let’s make the independence of Texas a reality.

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