Federal Government Goes After Texas DPS Over Border Enforcement

In the wake of this week’s declaration of a migrant invasion by several Texas counties and a subsequent executive order from Governor Greg Abbott, the Federal Government has made its next move to keep the border crisis alive.  

Ever one to follow the pressure of the day by giving people a half-hearted version of what they need, Governor Abbott issued an executive order July 7 that authorizes and empowers the Texas National Guard and Texas Department of Public Safety to “apprehend illegal immigrants who illegally cross the border between ports of entry and return them to the border.” But, of course, something is sometimes better than nothing, and this order does set up a potential challenge to the status quo. Even so, the people of Texas remain less than satisfied.  

Brent Smith, District Attorney in Kinney County, had this to say: 

“This move may be a positive step in having the US Supreme Court revisit Arizona v. US, but the directives of this order will simply result in illegal aliens being detained in Texas and released in Texas. Without declaring an invasion and invoking the self defense clause under Article 1, the lawlessness and violence occurring on our border with Mexico will continue to be allowed by DHS and their unconstitutional immigration policies.”

For those who aren’t familiar, Arizona v. US is a 2012 Supreme Court decision that effectively made immigration law and enforcement the federal government’s responsibility and effectively limited the states’ ability to take care of their own.  

Also in the news today alongside Abbott’s order was a report that the Department of Justice is looking into potential civil rights violations related to Texas’ Operation Lone Star. The DOJ’s Civil Rights Division sent a letter to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) on May 16, saying that they’ve been made aware of “potentially unlawful activity” related to the border security mission. 

“The Department is seeking this information after receiving information indicating that DPS may be discriminating on the basis of race and/or national origin in its activities related to Operation Lone Star by targeting certain individuals for arrests for misdemeanor trespass violations and traffic stops based on their perceived or actual race or national origin.”

Texans are not surprised at this point: the Federal government not only created the immigration problem, they actively stand against Texas’ efforts to deal with the problem. By working against Texas in favor of non-citizens who commit crimes, the Federal government illustrates once again the need for Texas independence. 

If Texas can’t defend itself, and our state government is afraid to be bold because of repercussions from the Department of Justice, perhaps it’s time to handle our own business and go our own way. Texas will never be able to secure our border and set our own immigration policy until we become a self-governing independent nation. This is why 66% of likely Texas voters support TEXIT.

The best place to find independent-minded Texans is with the Texas Nationalist Movement, who daily advocates “Texas first, Texas forever.”  

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