Biden’s El Paso Visit WON’T Solve The Border Crisis

Joe Biden visited a freshly-sanitized El Paso, his first-ever visit to the border. Greg Abbott says the visit is “20 billion dollars too little and two years too late,” and one can’t help but agree with him.  Texans know a visit won’t solve the problem.

It’s hard not to fault Biden for his recent photo-op trip to El Paso.  With an ongoing border crisis dating back to the Obama years, an ineffective “Border Czar” Kamala Harris, who’s only been to the border once, legal wranglings over Title 42, and crossings at an all-time high in 2022, a visit by the head of state is long overdue. Not to mention,  El Paso cleaned itself up for the visit, so Biden won’t even see the real problem. 

Texans already know that the Federal government has little regard for the border crisis, and not visiting to see it in person only amplifies the feeling that Biden and his administration simply don’t care. The same story of neglect continues to play out. Congress funds 87,000 new IRS agents and no new Border Patrol.  Congress authorizes funding for a wall but won’t build it.  

What did congress actually include in the latest omnibus to address what is arguably the most pressing issue we are facing? Here’s a closer look:

  •  $1.563 billion for  “border management” but does not allow using those funds to hire permanent border security officers, deport illegal aliens (only allows transportation to American communities), or expand border security technologies and capabilities unless it is for improving the processing of illegal aliens.
  • $800 million to pay for “sheltering and other services” through grant programs awarded to open border-aligned non-governmental organizations and charities. 
  • Prohibits the use of funds for border wall construction in certain areas.
  • Diverts millions of dollars to private and government programs designed to speed up the immigrant processing process, educate migrants about these programs, and support migrants while they are waiting for processing. 

The bill specifically prohibits funds from being used to secure the border.  How much more of a direct attack on Texas could this be from the Biden administration?

The most obvious answer to the border crisis is Texit.   A sovereign Texas could set its own border and immigration policies. 

Texas suffers because we have a lawyer for a governor who’s afraid to step out into uncharted legal territory.  Texas suffers because we have whiny US Senators who use soft language and can’t propose solutions.  Texas suffers because even the entire US House delegation of Texans can’t move the needle on immigration because of the anti-action inertia of the Federal government.  Texas suffers when we depend on executive orders and rule interpretations instead of actual proactive policy.  Texas suffers when we depend on the Supreme Court to give us permission to deal with issues.

Every single one of these areas of suffering can be fixed quickly in an independent Texas.  We wouldn’t be stuck with US laws, US courts, US congressional representatives, or UN-influenced rules of engagement that have all managed to let down rather than build up our great state.  We know our border better than anyone else, and the consistent negligence of our leaders has only confirmed that it’s up to us to solve the problem.

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