Another Poll Confirms That A Majority of Texans Support TEXIT

Another recent survey shows that a wide majority of Texans support the right to vote on Texas withdrawing from the United States to form its own independent nation. 

The survey was conducted by Defend Texas Liberty PAC in late October 2022. The poll’s respondents were randomly selected from Texans who voted in the 2022 Texas Republican primary or primary runoff elections. 

Results demonstrated that 59% of respondents believe that Texas should vote to determine if the state should secede, with only 25% responding against the vote. 

The Texas Nationalist Movement, the leading proponent of TEXIT, considers this survey to be a major victory for their organization’s work. The movement seeks to establish Texas as an independent, self-governing nation separate from the United States.  

Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, issued the following statement:

“Texans have reached a breaking point with the direction this country has been headed, and these poll results are the big indicator. Our work to achieve TEXIT is founded on Texas’ longstanding sense of independence and love of our Texan identity. I think voters are waking up and seeing the key to the future for our state lies right inside our hands.”

This follows SurveyUSA’s latest poll, which reported that 66% of Texas voters support a referendum vote for TEXIT. Additionally, the Republican Party of Texas in 2020 added a plank supporting the right of Texas to secede. Its 2022 platform then added two planks directly calling for a TEXIT vote with 90% in favor.

Download the poll results at this link.

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