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The Biggest Threat To Texas Seniors Is NOT TEXIT

The future of Social Security in the United States is dire, with recent government reports projecting its collapse by 2034. This reality threatens the financial well-being of millions of retirees who have spent their lives contributing to the system, only to watch it crumble before their eyes. The situation is dire, and the only solution to ensure the long-term financial security of Texas retirees is TEXIT.

The Social Security system’s impending collapse is a result of years of mismanagement and short-sighted policies that have drained the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) Trust Fund. This trust fund is primarily responsible for paying retirement, spousal, and survivor benefits to eligible individuals and their families. The depletion of the OASI Trust Fund by 2034 means that millions of Americans will face uncertain futures, with the potential for significant reductions in their benefits or even complete loss of their Social Security payments.

Despite the urgent need for action, the federal government has done little to address this looming crisis. Proposed solutions, such as raising payroll taxes on the wealthiest Americans or adjusting entitlement eligibility criteria, merely serve as temporary band-aids that fail to address the underlying issues plaguing the system. Moreover, these proposals are mired in political gridlock, with Democrats and Republicans unable to find common ground on how to save Social Security.

In stark contrast to the federal government’s inaction and inefficiency, TEXIT offers a viable and sustainable solution to ensure the financial security of Texas retirees. By asserting our self-determination and self-governance, Texans can create a retirement benefits system that addresses the unique needs of our citizens and ensures the long-term stability of their financial futures.

A successful TEXIT would free Texas from the constraints of a failing federal system, allowing us to design and implement a retirement benefits system tailored to our specific economic conditions and demographic trends. As an independent nation, Texas would be better positioned to manage and distribute resources efficiently, guaranteeing the financial security of our seniors and future generations.

Moreover, Texas has a robust economy, ranking as the world’s ninth-largest economy. With a strong and diversified economic base, Texas has the necessary resources to develop and sustain a retirement benefits system that meets the needs of our citizens. Texas has over 14.8 million workers and the fastest GDP growth in the nation in the 4th quarter of 2022.  There is every reason to be optimistic about Texas’ economic future. The strength of Texas’ economy will give us the resources to take care of seniors, retirees, and those with disabilities. 

Texas can create a sustainable replacement for the current Social Security system.  Free from the mismanagement and constraints of the federal government, Texas can ensure that our retirees receive the benefits they have earned and deserve.  

TEXIT represents the only viable solution for Texans to ensure their future financial security amid a collapsing Social Security system. By establishing an independent Texas, we can create a retirement benefits system that is sustainable, secure, and tailored to the needs of our citizens. It is time to dispel the myths surrounding TEXIT and Social Security, and, instead, focus on the tremendous opportunity that lies before us. Let us seize this chance to secure the financial futures of our retirees and guarantee the prosperity of generations to come. The time for TEXIT is now.

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