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Liars, Cheaters, and Thieves Continue to Increase the Federal Debt

You are being robbed! Texans are being robbed!  

Imagine somebody has opened a no-limit credit account in your name without your permission. People you don’t know are allowed to use your credit for things you don’t want, they don’t have to tell you where the money went, and you’re on the hook for the debt.  You may think this is crazy and could never happen to you, but you would be wrong.  The federal government has used you and every other citizen as collateral.

According to US Debt Clock, the current Federal debt is over $30.5 trillion. The gross domestic product (GDP) is only $23.5 trillion. That is a debt-to-GDP ratio of almost 130%. The best budget “experts” on the federal government’s payroll cannot even balance a budget. The interest alone on this debt is about $438.6 billion – the 5th largest item of the federal budget. The debt interest costs more than all of the following: Commerce and Housing Credit; Education, Training, Employment, and Social Services; General Government; and Veterans Benefits and Services.  

The following screenshots were taken on 7/9/2022 @ 04:47 and 07/10/22 @ 04:45, respectively. Here is proof that your debt burden continues to grow. In a 24-hr period, the Federal debt increased by over $2 billion ($2,153,849,062 to be exact).

The population of the US is about 333 million, and simple division puts the debt per citizen at about $92,000.  According to the IRS, there were 167,915,264 individual tax filers in 2021. CNBC reported that the percentage of tax filers receiving complete tax relief and full refunds was between 57% and 61%. That means that the weight of the Federal debt falls on the remaining 68.8 million people, which comes to $444,000 per taxpayer! 

Daniel Miller states some pretty mind-blowing facts in his book TEXIT: Why and How Texas Will Leave the Union. Miller writes:

“There is proof that our money has literally been spent on booze, drugs, and hookers. In 2009, the National Institutes of Health made headlines when it was discovered it had spent $2.6 million on a federally approved study to find out how to get prostitutes in China to cut their alcohol consumption. And, in 2013… the government spent almost $1.3 million on alcohol. A government audit recently discovered that half of all purchases on government credit cards included personal mortgage payments, gambling at Vegas casinos, lingerie, XBoxes and Playstations, jewelry, Internet dating services and high-dollar luxury vacations.” (Pg.112)

These ever-increasing numbers should particularly anger Texans. Miller writes, “Texas has consistently been among a dozen States that pay more into the federal system than they receive.” 

It is estimated that Texas overpays the federal government by $103-$160 billion every year! Keep in mind that the “Fraud/Waste/Abuse” category is $144.5 billion. So it’s no wonder they don’t want to tell you where Texas’ money is going. 

David Thomas Roberts, Texas author and entrepreneur, expressed the sentiments of the vast majority of Texans when he wrote:

“Our income and our labors are taxed and redistributed to those who won’t work, to inefficient and corrupt governmental agencies, to programs that might violate our faith, and to morally despicable foreign governments―of which many hate us despite the money we give them.”

A TNM article written by Ryan Thorson in 2019 predicts that if the pattern continues, there will be “inevitable civil unrest that will result from millions of unemployed or disgruntled dependents unable to feed themselves and military threats from foreign bad-actors…Since our politicians refuse to do anything about it, the only option for Texas to avoid this doom is to quit the United States.” 

It is logical to assume that negotiating Texas’ responsibility for its portion of that Federal debt upon separation will be a complex and contentious negotiation. Many different scenarios could happen – from having to pay all of Texas’ share to paying none of it. However, regardless of how the existing debt is settled, a free Texas will no longer be a part of the unlimited debt accumulation of the US.

If you are ready to get the federal government out of your wallet and your life, get involved. Show your support for an independent Texas by doing any or all of the following: Register your support or become a member, make a donation, volunteer to help, join a group, or contact your state legislators.  

For a more in-depth explanation of the process and scenarios regarding settling the Federal debt, click here. To get a copy of Miller’s book, click the link for a hard copy or the digital edition

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